Dartmouth College Athletics continuously strives to implement technological advances to provide our fans with a ticketing experience that is convenient, safe and secure. In accordance with this, only print-at-home paper tickets (PDF), downloaded mobile PDF tickets and mobile wallet tickets will be accepted for this upcoming season. Digital tickets are an easy and convenient method for fans to be admitted at a ticketed Dartmouth College Athletics event without using traditional paper tickets. These changes will further increase both convenience and safety to help combat against COVID-19. Below you will find step-by-step instructions and frequently asked questions regarding digital tickets. For more information please email the Athletics Ticket Office at or call (603) 646-2466.

Digital tickets offer fans the opportunity for easy, paperless entrance to Dartmouth Athletics events by presenting your mobile device at the gate. Please note the following information regarding digital tickets:
  • Digital Tickets can be downloaded to a mobile device.  We recommend fans download or print their PDF ticket(s), or download ticket(s) to their Digital Wallet prior to arriving at the stadium on game day.
  • Make sure your mobile device is charged on game day.
  • All of the tickets on a single order will be included in the same email so please do not discard the email until you have used or downloaded all of your tickets.
  • If you lose access to the original email, contact the ticket office or log in to your account to download digital wallet tickets.
  • Each ticket will be scanned at the event.
  • Only the first scan of a ticket will allow entrance to the events
  • If a ticket has already been scanned, the attendants will be alerted and entry will be denied.
  • New this year, most gates will be equiped with a scanning pedestal that will allow fans to scan their own tickets at the gate. 
  • Gate personel will be available to help solve any issues that arrise and to answer questions.
  • To scan your ticket, make sure the barcode is visible on your screen. 
  • We recommend increasing the brightness of your screen when approaching the pedestal scanner.
Digital tickets offer fans the opportunity for easy, paperless entrance to Dartmouth Athletics events by just presenting your mobile device at the gate. Please note the following information regarding digital tickets:
  1. You should receive an email from titled "Order Confirmation". You must access the email on your mobile device in order to download the tickets to your phone.
  2. At the bottom of the email you will see your tickets under the opponent and date of the game header.
  3. iPhone users can add the ticket(s) to their Apple Wallet by selecting the "Add to Apple Wallet" option. Android users can add the ticket(s) to their Google Pay Wallet by selecting the "Add to Google Pay" option.
  4. A new screen will pop up that shows your digital ticket. Click on the "Next" button on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click on the "Done" button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  5. Open the Wallet app on your phone and you should see the digital ticket(s) for the selected game.
  6. On game day, you can open the ticket(s) in the Wallet app on your phone and present them to be scanned at the gate, allowing you entrance to the game.
*Note: Wi-fi is not needed to access previously downloaded tickets in your digital wallet. We highly recommend downloading your tickets prior to arrival.

What are Digital Tickets?
Digital Tickets are tickets that you add to your Apple wallet or Google Pay app. They are similar to traditional event tickets, but they are easier to use and more secure. Digital Tickets include a barcode that can be scanned from your phone by a ticket scanner.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Wallet Tickets?
Digital Tickets are convenient to use. You can add the ticket to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay app on your phone and easily access it when you arrive at the venue. IPhone users will see a lock screen notification. 'tap' the notification and present your ticket.Digital Tickets allow contactless access to venues decreasing your need to come in contact with high-touch surfaces.Digital tickets can be downloaded again if you decide to print your tickets and lose the original.

How do I add Digital Tickets?
Digital Tickets are emailed to you. At the bottom of the email you can download a PDF to print or scan or you can 'tap' the "Add to Apple Wallet" button. This will open your Apple Wallet. Once in Wallet, your ticket will become available on other iOS devices if you have enabled Wallet in your iCloud settings.

How do I use Digital Tickets?
Using your Contactless Tickets on your phone is as simple as setting up Apple Pay or GPay on your phone. Once complete, add Digital Ticket to your wallet. You should add your tickets to your digital wallet as soon as you receive the email to be alerted to changes in venue or start of game. We still provide PDF tickets for fans to download or print if that is simpler.

What if I Have More Than one Ticket?
You can add more than one Digital Ticket to you digital wallet. When you approach the gate, you should open your wallet, select the group of tickets for the event, and swipe to the side to present each ticket.

Can I Still use my Paper Ticket?
Yes - your digital (and PDF) ticket and paper ticket contain the same credentials. You choose which one to use, but once either is scanned, the other will no longer be valid.

How do I Enter the Stadium with my Contactless Tickets Using an iPhone?
  • Open Wallet on your device and locate the event.
  • Hold the QR code on your phone in front of the scanner.
  • If you have multiple tickets swipe left to find them.
  • Get in!
If I have Multiple Tickets; Do I Have to Download Each Digital Ticket for a Game Individually?
Ticket PDFs will include one 8.5 x 11 page for each ticket, you can scroll through the pages on your phone or print all of your tickets to present at the gate. If you download tickets to your Apple Wallet or GPay app, we recommend verifying that you have downloaded all of your tickets immediately upon receipt of your confirmation. You may need to return to your confirmation email to download each ticket. If you place more than one order for a game, be sure to download all of the digital tickets from each order confirmation.

What are my Options if Digital Tickets Don't Work or Something Happens to my Phone?
We recommend making sure your mobile device is fully charged on game day and downloading your tickets to the Apple or Google wallet, however there are options if a problem arises. You can also download or print the ticket PDF as a back up. The ticket office will be able to grant you access to the game if you cannot find or present your ticket given they can confirm you are the original ticket holder (the tickets haven't been transfered multiple times.)

Can Digital Ticket be Downloaded onto a Desktop Computer?
Yes. There is a downloadable PDF attached to your order confirmation email. Open the PDF and save to your desktop in order to print the tickets.You can't download your tickets to your computer through the Apple Wallet option.